Our Services

Curious about what 12spark can do for you? We offer the following services to help our clients innovate further

  • AI Incubator and Concept development
    Fail fast, fail often! In order to quickly prove the value of Analytics and AI, we are able to organize an incubator workshop. In this workshop, we can conceptually refine the proposed use-case. In addition, we also apply rapid prototyping techniques to create a workable demonstrator.

  • Data Engineering & Integration
    We provide services to extract, transform and load your data. That way, valuable data – which is often hidden inside business applications – can be used to get valuable insights out.

  • Data Science
    Getting insights out of your data, involves specialized data science work. We have experience in working with many of the algorithms and techniques used in the field statistics, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

  • Analytics and Business Intelligence
    Developing the right reports and dashboards helps you to better understand what is happening in your organisation and make better decisions. Our Analytics and BI services help you to define the right KPI’s and we create easy to understand reports and dashboards for you.

  • Deploying scalable solutions to production
    At some point, intelligent solutions will have to be put to work. We support our clients in converting proof-of-concept (PoC’s) use-cases to fully industrialized solutions, which run reliable, secure and can handle 27×7 environments.

  • Cloud solution development
    Intelligent solutions never run in isolation. We are specialized in setting-up and managing cloud-based application landscapes and integrating the solution components. We do this together with our cloud technology partners, such as Azure, Google Cloud.